Briana DuPreeComment


Briana DuPreeComment

Talk by Khalid is my ringtone.

And if you know me, you know that I prefer a phone call over text any day.

Too much can be miscommunicated or misunderstood via text and I don’t have time for it.

And call me an idealist but I think that effective communication can solve a lot of problems.

We’re quick to post on social media but slow to listen.

We’re quick to form opinions but slow to listen.

We’re quick to talk about the downfalls of others but slow to listen.

I know I’m guilty.

If you’ve ever come to me for advice on how to handle a conflict with someone else - my first question is always, ‘Have you talked to them yet?’

And the answer is typically, ‘No.'

This brings me to the realization that the individual is making assumptions.

And assumptions…well…

I’ve found great freedom in assuming the best of others.

I gain great clarity when I talk to someone about a conflict and don’t come to my own conclusions.

Let’s commit to talking to people.

But more importantly, let’s commit to listening.

See you Monday.