I think we all hide a part of ourselves because we're afraid of being fully known.

I think we're afraid that maybe people won't like us if they really knew us. 

As a pastor, my world is censored yet watched closely.

To be honest, it can really mess with your head. 

How do I maintain privacy while also living as an example?

I do my best to invite people into my world. They're welcome in my home. Invited to meet my friends. And, through this blog, welcomed to explore my thoughts.

But everything in me is screaming, 'Bri, you've got to be careful.'

Sometimes I feel like I'm living on egg shells. I don't want to offend anyone.

But more than that, I want people to see Jesus.

And this is where things get a little more clear for me. 

When I read the Bible, I'm comforted that Jesus hung out with people like me. 

People who were broken and weak. People who didn't fit in. People who were confused and sometimes doubted. But people that were desperate for Hope.

Jesus constantly invades our world and reminds us that, in His presence, we can be fully known and fully safe. 

The implications of this truth is vast! 

If I really believe that, I get to live like it. 

No more secrets.