Briana DuPreeComment


Briana DuPreeComment

I haven’t written in this space for a while because I’ve been scared.

There I said it.

While, in some ways, I’ve overcome my people pleasing habits. I still care about how my actions might be perceived. I care about how I make you feel.

I am a textbook Enneagram type 2.

I love that I care about people but I realized that if I care too much, I can cripple myself.

I never set out to be ‘on the edge’ or controversial.

I set out to be me, unapologetically.

My pride almost stopped me from writing this post.

Would people think I was weak? Would they question my motives? Would they think I was being attention seeking?

To be honest with you, fear has stopped me from doing most things I’ve wanted to do in life.

And frankly, I’m over it.

I spend most of my days telling myself and those around me to ‘do it afraid.’

And in some ways, I do.

I’m a problem solver and a leader. I can handle most stress with grace and ease.

But there are a few things that make me stop in my tracks.

Those few things make me a hypocrite.

So here is my attempt at ‘doing it afraid.’

Welcome to #FearlessFridays.

A new post. Every Friday. From yours truly.

Let’s get it.