Briana DuPreeComment


Briana DuPreeComment

At some point in my life, I stopped caring about what other people thought about me. 

And I can't really say that I know how I did it.

It just happened one day.

I think trying to be somebody to everybody got exhausting and I just couldn't do it anymore.

If I was going to have any real influence, I learned it was best to do it as me.

I think that's why the Bible talks about there being wisdom in a multitude of counselors.

We all have something to give and we're at our best when we own our area of interest.

I really like discipleship. And I like connecting people. I like teaching and preaching. I like writing and good coffee.

That's my corner. 

I'm not as concerned about changing the world as I am with changing my world.

I want to make a difference in my corner.

Everything else is a bonus.