I’ve been thinking a lot about art and creativity.

I’m not entirely sure because I don’t necessarily consider myself to be an ‘artsy’ person. But I can appreciate good art, I think, so maybe that’s it.

Regardless, I think I appreciate good art because so much of it’s meaning is left up to the observer. From music to dance to paintings to spoken word - art communicates something to our souls that I’m not sure we always realize we need.

I think that good art is created with intention. The artist should know the meaning behind their piece. This comes from my belief that art should be an expression maybe even an extension of one’s self.

However, when I hear a good song, for example, unless I know the artist’s intention or it’s stated in the song, I am left to render my own conclusions. And perhaps even more profound than that, I am left to apply that piece to my life.

Why does any of this matter?

I’m not entirely sure. In fact, it may not matter at all to you.

I think it matters to me because I want my life to be a beautiful piece of art.

I want to live with intention in such a way that when folks have an encounter with me they didn’t know it’s what they needed until it happens.

I think art makes us better people.