Briana DuPreeComment


Briana DuPreeComment

When I’m around a body of water, I think a lot about Jesus and my relationship with Him.

Water has this way of making you feel both cleansed and free.

I think that’s how life is with Jesus.

He reminds me of my need for Him but then shows me how that actually makes me free.

When I say, ‘I’m sorry’ to Him - I leave our time feeling empowered, not beat up.

He’s not interested in me feeling obligated to be with Him.

He’s interested in my affections drawing me towards Him.

And He’s not afraid to win me over.

His patience flows like waves.

And His kindness extends further than my eyes can see.

The more I get to know Him, the more I’ve realized I’ve only scratched the surface of who He is.

I’ve never been interested in guidelines and rules.

I’m interested in being cleansed, understood, and free.