Briana DuPreeComment


Briana DuPreeComment

About a year ago, I began my journey with minimalism.

The concept had been around for some time but was beginning to go viral on Youtube. I watched a few videos and documentaries and the concept was intriguing to me.

If you know me, you know I’m a very simple person. I like my coffee black. I wear mostly black. I don’t decorate for the holidays. I don’t struggle with FOMO (fear of missing out). I enjoy listening more than I enjoy talking. I’m pretty laid back and I’m extremely flexible.

Minimalism just seemed right for me.

So it started in my closet. I’ve always enjoyed wearing what was comfortable and whatever I felt like wearing. I don’t keep up with fashion trends. If I like it, I wear it. And I had a bunch of clothes that I never touched. So I selected my favorite 15-20 outfits and I’ve pretty much only wore those outfits for a year.

I’ve heard a lot of minimalist say, ‘No one cares what you wear.’ And while I believe that is true for the most part - I work with people. So people may not care but they’ll certainly comment. I typically get comments when I introduce a new piece into my wardrobe. It doesn’t bother me - I just find it funny.

I recently moved in with my best friend and that’s when I realized how far I had to go in my minimalism journey. I gave away a lot of stuff - clothes with the tags on it, pots and pans I never used, decor pieces that were just collecting dust, and books that I would never read again.

Now my entire life can fit into 4 large plastic totes and 3 large suitcases.

But here’s what I realized, minimalism is another step towards confidence for me.

By keeping the things I treasure and value and wearing what I want - I’m learning a lot more about what makes me - me.

And I think I like her.